IRCCS San Matteo


Piazzale Golgi 19 – 27100 Pavia




Multi-specialist polyclinic

Scientific Dir.

Prof. V.Bellotti

The National Research and Healthcare Polyclinic San Matteo Hospital Foundation, established in 2006, is an institution of national and international significance, public by birth, with an important university participation.

The Foundation is one of the most important Scientific Institutes for Research, Hospitalisation and Health Care (I.R.C.C.S) in Europe since 1982, as well as a clinical experimentation laboratory and a privileged welfare headquarter since many years.

Structured in the locations Pavia and Belgioioso, it distinguishes itself for its broad selection of highly specialized hospitalization and health care proposals and for its trained and qualified pursuit in the integration of scientific research, assistance and education. There are numerous excellence areas, including cardiology, cardiac surgery, haematology, internal medicine, infectious diseases, orthopaedics, pediatric oncohaematology, robotic surgery, cord blood bank and the study of rare diseases. There are various projects of international cooperation.

The new Pavillion of the Hospital, called “DEA”, is a 65 thousand square metre structure, ventured on 31st October 2013. It is capable to oversee any type of emergency, in a structure containing the latest generation of diagnostics, along with digital radiology, intensive brief observation stations, five red code stations, six stations of high to medium intensity.
To complete the whole structure are fifteen operating theatres. An entire floor is dedicated to Intensive Therapy. The DEA counts around 500 beds, where a model for intensity of cure and complexity of assistance is currently underway.

Patients, gathered together on the basis of their homogeneous needs, become individuals of a clinic itinerary around which orbit human and technological resources.