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Rehabilitation Medicine

Scientific Dir.

Prof. G.Ricciardi

Scientific Clinical Institutes Maugeri Spa Benefit Society, founded in 2016, inherited the Salvatore Maugeri Foundation’s legacy of clinical care established in 1965 by Professor Salvatore Maugeri “Clinica del lavoro” Foundation and named for the founder after his death.

ICS Maugeri deals in Rehabilitation Medicine with its central mission of offering the best quality of life and maximum autonomy to people suffering from post-acute and chronic diseases.

Over the years, Maugeri has become an internationally recognized specialized center for treating and managing patients with disabilities after multiple diseases. The care provided for each patient aims to achieve the maximum functional capacity to preserve a good quality of life. With 9 Institutes recognized by the Ministry of Health as IRCCS –Istituto di ricovero e cura a carattere scientifico*– and nine other Clinical Institutes in six Italian regions, Maugeri is the leader in the field of Rehabilitation Medicine in Italy.

The model of care developed thanks to half a century of activity has evolved to meet the demands of personalized medicine and rise to the complex challenge that increasingly characterizes patients with co-morbidities.

The Rehabilitative Medicine practiced in Maugeri covers neurology rehabilitation, cardiology rehabilitation, and pneumology rehabilitation. In this context, Maugeri focuses its attention on patient care, clinical and translational research, and specialist training of practitioners.

The research is conducted in over 50 laboratories, providing modern equipment to enable the most advanced studies.