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Healthcare and scientific research in the geriatric and gerontological fields.

Scientific Dir.

Dr.ssa F.Lattanzio

The National Institute for the Care of the Elderly (INRCA), with premises in the Marche, Lombardy and Calabria regions, is the only public institution of scientific research and care (IRCCS) recognized in Italy for its specialization in geriatrics and gerontology. It works to protect the health and well-being of the elderly, especially those who live with frailty or are not self-sufficient. The Institute pursues not only excellence of care services, provided in its hospital facilities, but also high quality scientific research on the mechanisms, and their causes, of longevity, frailty, and multimorbidity of older people.

The Institute provides all the main services related to clinical and instrumental neurological diagnostics, with a particular focus on the treatment and rehabilitation of neurodegenerative and vascular diseases and their complications (malnutrition, continence disorders, dysphagia, motor and cognitive disorders), through the development of psychosocial and technological treatments and the use of specific and innovative pharmacological treatments.

The Institute is engaged in studies on geriatric outcomes related to functional status, intrinsic capacity and, in particular, the interaction between physical performance and cognitive abilities.
The specific areas of activity in the Neurological field are: dementia and neurodegenerative pathology; Parkinson’s disease and parkinsonisms; cerebrovascular pathology; clinical neurophysiology; general neurological skills.

The Dept. of Neurology/Alzheimer’s Centre CDCD /Stroke Unit has become a regional reference centre for older people diagnosis and clinical definition of the different forms of dementia thanks to the possibility of carrying out specific investigations: nuclear medicine, liquor biomarkers, 2nd level tests and molecular genetics.

The Laboratory of Movement Analysis and Robotic Rehabilitation organizes personalized rehabilitation pathways for each user.